Thursday, June 25, 2009

Differences in Maturity

At dinner yesterday Jake asked why Max could add interjections into a conversation while he (Jake) would be told to stop. I explained to him the difference is that Max is just throwing one, maybe two stones while you hijack the truck and drive it off the cliff.

This then led to a comparison of the different maturity levels of Jake and his siblings. Jake asked if he was mature. Frankly he has matured a great deal this past year, he really and truly has become a Bar Mitzvah. I told him he was definitely driving down the right road. Jake then asked if Nate was mature which pretty much resulted in spit takes from both Nate and I.

No, I was able to gasp out. He's mostly doing doughnuts on the road, thus maintaining the car analogy we had going. Jake and Nate both thought that was a good answer and one of them, I don't remember who, asked if Nate was setting the car on fire.

I paused for just a moment ans said "No, that's Rebecca."

Everybody burst out laughing, even the Feral Princess herself. She loved the idea that she was torching the car. We joshed about this for awhile until Jake grew tired and irritated and stated that he and Max were the most mature people at the table, including Mom.


At least I don't do endless poop jokes in the car, though I do agree that Max is an old soul.

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