Thursday, June 18, 2009

Guard Dogs

guard dogs
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The windows on the first floor of this house are at just the right level for dachshunds, in particular the windows flanking the front door.

I was eating lunch in the dining room the other day when I saw the red boys standing at alert. I love how they had their own window to survey the front yard. Usually it's squirrels, birds, and deer that attract their attention. Today they got to great someone at the door while they swirled about outside.

When I went to answer the doorbell all I could see were furiously wagging tails. I joked to the kids that the dogs finally worked out a way to ring the doorbell. Instead it was an earnest young man with a petition to sign. I politely declined, but I did have fun watching my fierce guard dogs tumble over each other as they joyfully greeted their visitor.

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