Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Artist of the Week: Costco

Today was Nate's baseball team's end of season party. Like last year it was a pot luck at a pool and, like last year I made the cake. Or at least I planned on making the cake, instead it was more like provided the cake.

I was happily baking away today. The first layer was baked and I was just sliding it into the refrigerator to cool when disaster struck.

I dropped the cake.

It collapsed into a big crumbly mess on the floor. In utter frustration I shouted out a very, very bad word. The kids told me later that the noise was so loud and unexpected they thought it came from a passing car. They had no idea what I said, it was just the sheer volume. I tried desperately to piece it together, but in the end I had to admit it was a lost cause and tossed the whole mess in the garbage.

Now I had no cake, very little time and not enough ingredients. I could try cobbling together something from the bit of cake leftover from Jake's Bar Mitzvah and the remaining layer that I hadn't baked yet, but I decided that was a bad idea. Instead I would go to Costco, they have great cakes and you can usually pick one up at the last moment. They have one of the very few commercially available cakes I deem acceptable.

An hour later I had a delicious chocolate cake with chocolate butter cream frosting and chocolate mousse filling. I opted to get the one with little flower buds on top, I decided it was a bit better for the boys than a cake with a huge pile of chocolate roses piled on top. To see a vanilla version of the cake click here (group events) and here for a picture of a selection board of Costco cakes in Japanese, it's the scored rosebud over on the right second from the top.

The cake was a big hit. It looked great and tasted fabulous. Go Costco, you really saved the day.

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