Tuesday, January 24, 2006


Rebecca has a new favorite game. She likes to scare people or be scared. Ideally both occur at the same time.

Now I’m not talking about trying to terrify anyone with the accompanying shrieks or all out cries horror. I’m talking about the gentle little way a four year old likes to say boo.

She walks up to you with her dark eyes dancing in glee and a little smile playing about her face. If you are not paying attention, she ever so gently taps you on your forearm until you look her way. She leans in close, purses her lips and says “Boo!”

She then pulls back and awaits your reaction. She likes it when I wave my hands and say “Aaah! You scared me!” Then it is your turn or she will scare you again.

She loves it when I say boo at the exact same time. Then we both get to shriek and wave our hands. She then spins about with her little feet dancing as she waves her hands in mock terror.

It is so much fun to be four.

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