Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday Three: Boring!

Today Terry showcases a slate of questions to show how dull and boring we all are.

Well, it’s a good thing YOU’RE excited, because these questions have been designed to suck all the exhilaration right out of the entire Internets!

To get right to it, then: Think about where you work, whether it’s in an office or factory or your own home, and tell us--

1) What sorts of activities that you have to do in your normal everyday life that are so mind-numbingly boring that you could just scream, if you cared enough?

2) Although you might think YOUR boring thing is the most boringestest thing of all, what do you see OTHER people doing around your workplace that causes you to think maybe you don’t have it quite so bad after all?

3) Conversely, what sorts of things do you see other people getting to do in their daily tasks that you think would be SO COOL if you could do them?

Now then, either leave your answers below in the comments, OR answer them on your online personal journal, which some people call a “web log,” or “blog” for short.

Hmmm, I’m going to answer this two ways; before kids, when I was gainfully employed and now.
1.)When I was earning a paycheck it would be when I had to feed the cell stocks. Two times a week and it was boring. Occasionally I would have the excitement of finding something contaminated, but that was rare. I was very good at maintaining the tissue cells in culture and I successfully kept one line in continuous culture for over a year without contamination. We had a little birthday party for it.

Nowadays it would be doctors’ appointments for the kids. With four kids and one having CF I spend a lot of time shuttling people to the doctors’ office. The regular pediatrician isn’t so bad. I’ve learn to avoid the place on Mondays and Saturdays. On average we end up waiting about 30 minutes in the waiting room and another 10 in the exam room. The CF clinic at MCV is another story. We had a record breaking appointment yesterday. I spent 2 hours in the waiting room and another 45 minutes in the exam room. Mind you this was with two restive four year olds. It was hideously boring. At least the staff was very apologetic. All of the doctors ducked their heads in shame and apologized for the delay. Personally I think they need to reevaluate there scheduling and hire more doctors.

2.)In the old days it would have been Pat’s job. She made up all sorts of sterile solutions for the various research labs at Yale. She had minimal human contact and her office/lab was in the basement and had no widows. Apparently she could be difficult, but she liked me. I was always polite and I made sure that my bottles were clean (some idiots would bring her dirty bottles to fill with sterile solutions).

Today it would be parents that spend all their time chauffeuring their children from one activity to another. I gripe about soccer practice, but some kids have multiple after and before school activities. All that time spent in the car and waiting for the little darling to finish. I have a policy of one sport at a time and we are trying to avoid the more time consuming ones (i.e. hockey and skating).

3.)The coolest job, why that would be ... Lion Tamer!
Actually I was happy as my job as a lab tech and I do love being a mother. A really cool job would be one that lets me putter about and actually get paid to raise my children.

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