Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Remember That Shed We're Building?

When we last left off Larry and I gotten the walls up.

And then we had a bit of a break. Between birthdays, holidays and various people being sick we did not get a whole lot done. Just before we left for out epic trip up north Larry and I found the time and energy to put up the rafters and the roof deck.

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Now that really looks like a shed.

It was a bear to wrestle the big panels up, position them and nail them in place. It might have even been harder than getting the walls up. But we got the job done. Since we were not going to be shingling the shed until after the start of the New Year, we decided to put a tarp on the shed.

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This would protect the roof deck and I could now use the shed. Before we left I stuffed all sorts of toys and junk strewn about the yard into the shed.

Yesterday (Monday) Larry stayed home from work so that we could do a little more work on the shed.

He went off and got the shangles (Yes they are shangles, not shingles. Our fancy pants subdivision covenants specify what roofing materials we can use. We have a choice of Certainteed shangles, Hendrix tile, imitation slate and cedar shakes/shingles.), roofing felt and nails. I had bought the drip edge on Sunday when I was getting my plumbing supplies.

The weather was perfect. The temperature was in the 60’s (!), sunny with a steady breeze. Since the shed in the woods and our property is naturally protected on windy days, the breeze presented no problems for us. The roof deck was nice and dry when I unveiled it. I was able to install the drip edge on the eaves and lay out the roofing felt. Larry than got up on the roof and nailed down the felt.

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The felt is a much better surface to work on than the deck itself. It was very slippery when Larry had to put in the upper nails of the roof deck. On the felt he could sit in place and not slide off the roof. This made me feel much better about our shingling the shed ourselves.

We were not able to get any shingling done yesterday, but if you look carefully in the picture above you can see them in the shed. It is nice that we can now store our building materials in the shed.

In the meantime there are all sorts of finishing touches I can do before we do the shingling.

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