Friday, January 13, 2006

Hey it's Lee-Jackson Day!

Well this weekend it looks like it will be festival of the shed. Today in the Commonwealth of Virginia it is Lee-Jackson day and Larry was able to take the day off.

As an interesting side note, there was for a brief period in Virginia the bizarre conglomeration of a Lee-Jackson-King Day. At one point, in Virginia, King Day was observed on New Years day. The Lee-Jackson holiday has been observed since 1904 on the third Monday in January. The federal declaration of MLK Day created the conflict of the two holidays as they both fell on the same day. In 2000 the two holidays were separated by moving the Lee-Jackson day forward three days to the Friday beforehand.

Larry’s comment about the holiday was to dryly observe that it was to celebrate his confederate heritage, pretty funny coming from a Yankee transplant.

So instead of staggering about in some mucky field we will instead shingle the shed. So far we have gotten the starter course up on both sides and the first course up on one. The shingles are a bear to cut. I think I need to get a better tool for the job, but I think this one is a little more in our price range.

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