Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Most Evil Gift in the World

Or the best, it really depends upon your perspective and age.

I love my brother. He is a very sweet guy who gives thoughtful gifts and really knows what his niece and nephews would like to get for Christmas, but this year, oh my. From Max’s perspective he knocked this one right out of the ball park with the bases loaded. For me it is more like watching two infielders crashing together that results in nobody catching an easy pop-fly and allowing the other team score the winning run.

And what, you may ask, could this gift be.

Just scroll on down and then you will see.

Originally uploaded by Teckelcar.

Yes it is a drum kit. It is a real, fully functional, four year old size drum kit that comes complete with drum sticks and a seat.

All four children love it. They would periodically sit down and flail away when ever the mood struck them. This was very often on the first day and tapered down to every couple of hours on the last day of our stay at my mother’s house. Fortunately each drum solo would only be a few minutes long. Five minutes seemed to be about average.

The kit held up fairly well and only one drum head sustained a tear which was easily patched with packing tape (not the best solution, but it worked). It was the mid-sized drum on Max’s right. Since all four of our children are right handed, it probably got the most abuse.

Now I will admit that my brother did give me a heads up. If I had wanted, I’m sure I could have gotten him to take it back, but then I would have felt like a total kill joy. Instead I decided to just let it be. On the upside I’ve noticed that the drumming has gotten a bit more musical as the kids play with the kit. We did bring it back home with us and it is currently in Max and Rebecca’s bedroom. Max has only played with it a few times since we have gotten back and the sound level is fairly reasonable.

Now if it had been one of those awful Bratz/Hos-in-training dolls I would have deep-sixed it without a millisecond of remorse.

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