Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thursday Three Protest!

This week Terry is all agitated. Must be the weather, or something, anyway Papa Possum posts the following:

Silly old work, among other things. But that’s okay, because it DOES give me a nice little hook for this week’s Protest Edition of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

The questions this week have been sent from that hotbed of campus protest, East Carolina U, by one of those agitating academics, Dr. Jim.

For some reason, Jimbo seemed to have been in a cranky mood last week when he sent these in. I hope for the sake of the contest, he’s still cranky. Or that all of you are. Or were at some time in your checkered past.

ANYway, enough of that. Take a moment and answer these three questions:
1. Have you ever been involved in a protest?
2. Have you been an active member of a political party and campaign?
3. What was the big movement of your generation?

SO, either leave a comment below OR a link to the answers on your blog. That is, if you dare, given the chilling winds of Rovian dissent-stifling that has cloaked our nation in a wet, smelly blanket of fear and trepidation brought on by the reckless cowboy imperialism of King Chimpy McHitlerburton. (Thankfully, I do have some organic aluminum foil available if you’d like to make yourself a mind control ray deflector for your head.) ANYway, answer those, and let’s see what’s what.
Hmm, what? Oh it’s my cue.

Here is my response to all that aggitating:

1)I have gone to one rally in Washington DC. It was while I was in college and it was a Pro-choice/women’s rights thingy. That and I joined a committee that protested the abysmal state of my college’s food service. My mother didn’t believe me when I said the food was bad. She changed her mind though, when she visited me on parent’s weekend. She was shocked that they couldn’t improve things to barely tolerable for when the parents came to visit. The nadir was when I was in line and the cafeteria lady wanted to know what I wanted. I asked her what it was and she replied “smothered bohemian chicken” and proceeded to lift a ladle filled with a pale mushy substance. I watched in horror as the “chicken meat” slid off the spoon and its bones back into the slop below. I replied “I don’t want to know how it was killed or its lifestyle, no thank you.” Generally I’m fairly apathetic, unless it involves asinine anti-(dog) breeder legislation. Then I call up my representative and lodge a complaint about the bill in question.

2)I have never been an active (or inactive) member of a political party or campaign. I am pretty much a libertarian in my views and that is the main reason I went to the rally in DC. I don’t want the government legislating or interfering in my personal affairs. If you want to have a ton of kids fine, if you don’t want any kids fine. Just don’t expect me to pay for it and if you do have kids you must love them and care for them. However I do vote. I am very conscientious of my duty as a citizen to vote.

3)I can’t think of any one movement defining my generation except apathy. I remember in college how we were kind of proud of our apathy. Electric Boat is literally across the Thames River from our campus. The only thing obstructing our view was the Coast Guard Academy. Up the river was also the Naval Submarine Base. There never was a protest about EB or at NSB when I was in college. In fact, we were proud of that our campus, being the highest point in the area, was ground zero for a nuclear attack by the USSR. As a result the campus radio station referred to itself as ground zero radio. I must note here that it was very cool watching them build the nuclear subs. Once when I was driving along the river in my VW one of those babies surfaced right next to me. Dang was it big! I swear I could have parked a couple of cars on the conning tower. I have never felt so small or insignificant before or since.

Oh and Terry, I'd like some jerky with my home version of the game.

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