Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Artist of the Week: How to Eat an Oreo

This week’s artist is Nate. Here he is during last week’s soccer game.

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He can be very intense when he is on the field, but he has a very silly side too. He will make a big play and then collapse in a happy heap on the ground. Last year one of his best friends was on the opposing team. At one point they crashed together and fell to the ground. They then repeated the maneuver throughout the game.

Last week I was plowing through the vast collection of school work brought home for the past year (I should do this more often, but I don’t). I found a lot of junk, three paper grocery bags worth to be precise. But I also found a few gems. One of which was a charming little book titled:

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I will now present to you the book in its entirety, first grade spelling and grammar intact.

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The book starts off in a straight forward manner. Note the “E” for excellent from his teacher.

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We are now instructed to break the cookie in half.

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Then lick the icing. I first read it as like, but then I realized he meant lick, a sensible way to eat an Oreo.

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At this point you would think the book is done. What more do you need than, “finally eat the cookie”? But there is more.

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Not only are you given the artist’s name, you get a clear statement declaring the end, a lovely drawing of an oreo and the final fate of the cookie.

You have to look carefully beneath the cookie. Nate was even so helpful as to actually label the end product.

I wonder if his teacher noticed this. Heaven knows we did and we thought it was quite funny. In a first grade humor sort of way.

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