Thursday, September 07, 2006


The memorial for my Aunt Rose was lovely. After one wrong turn and a pit stop for the bathroom and snacks we got there just before the service started. My cousin Kay spotted me in the parking and whisked my cake away to the reception hall. I then herded Max and Rebecca into the chapel.

The church itself is a lovely little building.

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Inside the chapel are two rows of pews that, along with the walls are painted white. Stained glass windows are in the front and back of the chapel. Most of the pews were full when we stepped inside so we sat in the pew in the back that was just off of the entrance and next to the organ. I figured it was best for us to be in back so we could beat a hasty retreat if my two charges proved to be disruptive. Rebecca loved our spot because of the little spots of color on the floor in front of us. Light was streaming in from the stained glass window directly behind us and making the little bight pools of color.

During the service more and more people filtered in and sat down on our bench. Max at one point declared he was tired and climbed onto my lap. Soon afterwards he lost his spot on the bench. This resulted in a small (but quiet) wrestling match on the floor between Max and Rebecca on which one would get the seat. Fortunately the service was short and when the chapel emptied out with everyone filing by us, Max and Rebecca stood quietly by my side.

Now it was time for cookies and cakes. Max and Rebecca filled up on brownies and fruit. A young girl, about 6 years old, joined us. Her name is Elizabeth and it turns out she is my Cousin Victoria’s daughter. The three of them hit it off and soon piled out onto the playground.

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Rebecca loved having someone female to playmate.

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And Max was just happy there was another kid to play with.

There was genuine sadness from all three when it was time to go.

I, meanwhile, got to meet Victoria. She turned out to be a really neat person to know. She’s witty and sharp. I wish I had been a bit more motivated to meet my Virginia cousins. Sadly she and her immediate family had just moved to Dallas.

However, they will be back to visit family and they view the move as just temporary. I hope we will get to reconnect in the near future.

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