Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Aunt Rose

Today I’m going to the memorial service of my Aunt Rose. She was 93 when she passed away last week. Her body had been failing and she had long lost herself to Alzheimer’s.

Her age is not a typo and she was my Aunt, not my Great Aunt. Rose was the second eldest child of seven and my mother, her sister, was the baby of the family. Since my mother was the youngest and she had my brother and me rather late in life it has resulted in a huge range of ages in my generation. As I like to tease my husband, I’m actually of his mother’s generation.

I think the last time I saw my Aunt Rose was when I was a little bit older than Jake. She had come north from Virginia to visit family for some reason or other. My only memory was her comment that I had good skin and I should keep it that way by not roasting myself in the sun like she did when she was young. I come from very fair stock and our skin is more likely to burn than tan.

The service is being held up in Aldie at a little Church called The Episcopal Church of Our Redeemer. It’s a bit of a drive, but I’m going since I’m one of the very few members of the family within driving distance. I go to represent my mother as well. At 77, the trek from Vermont to Virginia is too far.

I know some of my cousins and at least one Aunt will be journeying down from Massachusetts. I will also get to meet one of my cousins for the very first time. Victoria is one of Rose’s children and we have never met. Larry was surprised since she is a first cousin, but that is what happens with the bookend members of the generation. Also I had grown up in Connecticut and Vermont while Victoria was in Virginia.

It will be a bittersweet family reunion today.

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