Sunday, September 17, 2006

A Hot New Grill

Today, Sunday, some of the members of my dachshund club came over for a barbeque and meeting.

Originally it was scheduled to be at someone else’s house, but since she has puppies due that weekend the club decided it was best to go elsewhere. The elsewhere turned out to be our house.

In a way it was good, it got me to really buckle down and work on the downstairs bathroom. The peeling, pee-stained wallpaper had to go and the two holes needed to be fixed. It also inspired me to get a new grill.

Last year during hurricane season our old grill collapsed in a heap of rust as I moved it in and out of our crawlspace to protect it from the weather. So we have spent the past year grill-less. This wasn’t too great a hardship, since our cooktop is a Jenn-Air and I can switch out the burners for an indoor grill. But, it wasn’t the same thing as a real honest to goodness grill.

So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been trolling the internet and looking for sales in and around town. I settled on this one: the Coleman RoadTrip LXE. It’s portable, fairly powerful, and easy to set-up and to clean. I picked one up at Dick’s Sporting goods on Friday when we getting some goalie gloves for Jake.

This morning I set up the grill on the deck. I was eager to fire it up. It is our third gas grill, but it is the first one we have ever bought. Our first grill was left for us by the owners of our previous house. It was a bit battered, but still serviceable. I was even able to salvage a few replacement parts from a similar grill left by the roadside. Shortly after we moved to our current house my Mom gave us her old grill. We were up there picking up some furniture and she gave it to us. She was no longer using it and we had room in the truck so we happily took her up on the offer since our old grill was on its way out. Then it too rusted away. Hopefully the new one will escape a similar fate. I plan to store it in the garage and out of the elements.

I’m happy to report that it’s a snap to use and did a fabulous job on the burgers. It is easy to move it about and we should be able to just through it into van and go. I love our new grill, it rocks!

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