Tuesday, September 05, 2006

First Day of School

Today is the first day of school for Jake, Nate, Max and Rebecca. Max and Rebecca were particularly excited last night. It took the longest time to get them to settle down and going to sleep. In the end I had to tell them if they didn’t go to sleep I wouldn’t take them to school. That will probably be the last time I ever make that threat.

This morning everybody got up and for the most part they were keen to go. Jake was a little apprehensive, but that is normal for him. It was bit chaotic between finishing Max’s therapies, getting breakfast on the table and packing lunches (Yes I know I should pack lunches the night before). Then the magic hour struck and it was time to load up into the van and go to the bus stop.

Here are a few shots from the bus stop.

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Nate was very accommodating and was happy to pose for the camera. Jake was less so. In fact he got quite mad when I took any pictures of him.

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So I settled of this one of Jake and Nate getting onto the bus.

Then it was off to Max and Rebecca’s preschool.

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Max is all buckled up with his backpack next to him. Just after I took this picture it dawned on him that everybody was going to school. “Mamma you’ll be all alone!”

“Yes I will Max, I’ll be all alone today” was my reply.


Rebecca then asked “Are you going to stay with me?”

I then asked her “Do I stay with Jake and Nate when they are at school.”

“No. Okay, I’ll see you later.”

At the preschool the parking lot was jammed with cars. The place we go to has day care for preschoolers and before and after school care for school aged kids. Parents were loitering to take pictures of their kids as they boarded the school buses for the first day of school. The resulting barrage of photos as the kids lined up and entered the bus would have put the paparazzi to shame.

Meanwhile I shepherded my two to their classroom. Once inside Max went immediately to the Lego table.

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He was happy as a clam and didn’t even look for me until I said goodbye. Then it was a brief wave and he was back to building.

Rebecca popped out once when I was talking to the director about Max’s needs, but she was very happy to be with her friend from soccer, Lydia.

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She didn’t even look up when I said goodbye.

I’ll do a little update later after I get them home. So far there have been no phone calls from anguished children. As the owner of the preschool noted, they seemed to handling it well.

Oh and what am I doing today?

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Stripping wallpaper just as I said I would.

They both had a good day. Rebecca is in a bit of a snit now. I think it's her way of telling me that she wanted to stay longer, but that she also missed me. Max is a little trooper and had fun.

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