Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Three: Failure! Updated!

Once again it’s time to check out what all kids over at the Axis of Weevil are doing. Terry posts the following for our edutainment.

BUT IF THERE IS ONE THING that can be counted as success, it is that there IS INDEED an edition of the most funnest thing to do on a Thursday morning involving a computer and time to kill, The Axis of Weevil Thursday Three--Miserable Failure Edition!

Everyone loves a winner, right? Sure they do! But come on--failures are pretty doggone interesting, so let’s take a look at some of those today.

As usual, the object of the game is to answer the following three questions by either leaving a comment below, or a link to your very own highly successful blogging operation. Anyone may play, even people who are completely successful in all aspects of life. (As if anyone fitting that description would be here!)

SO, here we go:

1) What is one task that you have started innumerable times but just haven’t finished?

2) What one thing in your life would you consider your biggest mistake or failure?

3) What is your general attitude toward failure--do you see it as proof of your eternal inadequacy; simply part of life; something of a learning experience; or as something that shows you’re actually trying to do something?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha! *snort* Highly successful blogging operation!? Oh Terry you slay me!

1) Usually I finish whatever tasks I actually start. It might take a long time (and I do mean a long time), but eventually it all gets finished in the end. I guess right now it would be the deck. For the past 5+ years it has been in desperate need of reattaching and/or replacing many of its balusters. Every once and a while we give it a shot and starting putting one back up, but it is mind numbing work and we give up on it before completing the job.

2) I guess my biggest mistake, to date, was my failure to contact my Aunt Rose when we first moved down to Virginia. I think there were a few years before she was lost to the thrall of Alzheimer’s and I would have met my cousins before they scattered to the four winds. That really is my biggest regret.

3)*Failure is a part of life. If you have never failed at something, then you have never tried to stretch yourself. Failure, as we all know, stinks, but you can usually learn something new from each failure.

Mind you I have had lots of lesser failures in my life, but those are the big ones. I guess what I can take away from them is that I should stop procrastinating and just get up and do it.

* I did write this yesterday, but somehow it got lost in the posting.

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