Monday, September 25, 2006

Cool Site of the Day

This weekend the fine folks over at Cool Site of the Day offered up a really fun site, Let them sing it for you.

The kids and I had loads of fun typing in all sorts of silly phrases. One of Nate’s favorites was “my pants are on fire!” I had fun calling Larry to dinner by emailing him “dinner time.” Of course in order to work I had to send my minions over to tell him to read his email, but it was fun none the less.

The data base is not perfect, but it did have a fair amount in it and it is an ongoing process. Below is a quote about the site from the creator, Eric B√ľnger:

By typing in a text of any kind you can get it sung for you by some of the world’s greatest pop stars. A database of sung words has been built up and is supposed to be gradually growing through the users’ own interaction. If you find a word missing in our sound vocabulary, just tell us, and we will extract the word from a song of your choice, and add it to our database.

The kids had fun listening to the computer sing absurd phrases. I enjoyed puzzling out the songs and artists.

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