Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The Nanny State

The Louisville mayor Jerry Abramson recently signed into effect a rather odious pet ordinance into law. The 94 page document will affect all pet owners in the Louisville metro area. The problems with it are far too numerous for me to point out here, but here are a few.

All stray dogs will be spayed/neutered, even if the dog is claimed by the owner. So if I’m at a dog show and some nut (and this does happen) lets loose my dog and animal control picks it up, my dog’s show career is over and any hope of using it in my breeding program.

If I live in the metro area, every time I travel with or board my intact dog I must notify in writing the Director of Lousiville/Jefferson County Metro Animal Services.

If I board any pet for more than three days it has to be revaccinated, even if its shots were up to date.

If it is felt that I am not capable in controlling my pet it will be impounded.

The list goes on and on.

Until this law is repealed, I am not going to Louisville with my dogs. And I think it effectively ends all dog shows and ethical dog breeding in the Louisville metro area. Ethical breeders can not function in such an environment.

Currently Virginia is in the midst of its legislative session and has its own crop of anti-pet laws. Last year a law was signed in that formed a state wide rabies vaccination database. Information about the pet, its owner and home address will be posted on this public database. The idea was to promote dog licensing. When you vaccinate your pet, the county will be notified. My guess this will cause a drop in vaccination when people realize what is going on.

My club, and others in the state, are going to be watching the bills very carefully this session and will do our best to stop them. The sad thing is if the existing laws were enforced most of the problems that the new laws “solve” wouldn’t exist.

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