Friday, January 19, 2007

Snow Day

Of all our children, Rebecca has been the one most concerned about the dearth of winter weather. To be a bit more specific, she wants snow and she wants it now.

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We got lucky when we were up at Nana’s. During the last few days of our stay she got her wish, albeit in a rather slushy form.

Yesterday, Thursday, we got the first snow fall of the year, heck of the season.

I had noticed some fine powdery flakes on the car as I escorted Jake and Nate to the bus stop. They were excited over the news and wanted to know if we would get more. I told them that the forecast was that *if* it stays cold enough through the day we *might* get a bit of snow late afternoon. Shortly after I got the brown eyed boys onto the bus, big clumpy flakes of snow fell from the sky.

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The snow didn’t last very long. It snowed on and off all morning, turned to sleet in the afternoon and was gone by sunset, but little Miss. Rebecca was still able to leave her mark. As I was loading the dynamic duo into the van for preschool, I noticed these little handprints in the snow.

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While I was busy with Max, he can be rather balky in the morning; she had entertained herself by making prints in the snow on top of a storage chest outside. It has warmed up again, but Rebecca would like a little bit more snow.

Me too.

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