Thursday, January 25, 2007

Thursday Three: Odd Duck

It’s Thursday and this week Terry wants to know about our individual idiosyncrasies that make us all unique and oh so entertaining.
How peculiar!

After my previous inquiry regarding any readers who might have a crumbling-crackers-in-soup habit, it seemed that there was sufficient interest in other sorts of bizarre behaviors to merit their inclusion in this week’s “My, Aren’t YOU Odd!” Edition of the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three!

As always, we ask a series of three questions and expect you to answer them in as forthright and expeditious a manner as possible, although I do want to remind readers in other time zones or hemispheres that the questions do not necessarily have to be answered on Thursday. BUT, do please either leave your answers below, or a linky-link to your very own blog as you ponder the following:

1) Do you have any peculiar rules about the foods you eat? Not stuff like religious dietary restrictions, but stuff like having to have the crusts cut off your PB&J sandwiches, not having the peas touching the carrots, having to eat foods in a particular order--stuff like that.

2) What about your personal grooming? Do you have a particular way of brushing your teeth? Do you have to always put on your left sock and shoe, then the right? Tell us please!

3) Have you ever embarrassed yourself with the public display of any of your peculiar habits? Details appreciated, of course!

Now then, go off and get your lucky keyboard, turn around once, tap your head, and answer the questions and let’s see just how odd you are.

1) I don’t really have much in the way of food rules. Generally it has to look appetizing (I have a pretty broad definition for that) and smell good, though I do like kimchi and that pretty much fails on both counts. I had a co-worker whose mother had a separate fridge for kimchi so it wouldn’t stink up all the other food stuffs.

However, there are foods I won’t eat. I don’t eat cilantro, because I’m part of that small percentage of people to whom cilantro tastes soapy. I try to avoid mushrooms for textural reasons, but I will cook with them because they impart a nice flavor. I just try not to chop them too fine and I fish out the bits on my plate. I will eat them to be polite. I don’t like nuts in baked goods and chocolate, though in a good chocolate turtle, the pecan is acceptable. I used to not eat raw tomatoes, again because of the texture, but I got over it.

Coffee is where my idiosyncrasies really shine. I can’t stand the drink. Even if I drown it with milk, it still is a challenge to choke it down. But as a flavoring for ice cream, cheesecake or chocolate truffles, I say bring it on. My mother claims that my dislike of coffee means I can not be her daughter.

Oh and I like crackers in my soup, potato chips in my sandwich and I wipe the bowl with my bread if the contents were particularly good albeit soup or pasta sauce. In Italy the last part was called “wiping the shoe.”

2) I’m not aware of any particular habits in regards to personal grooming. I like to shower everyday, but that’s because it’s my coffee and it gets me going in the morning. I have a very stripped down routine and I can shower, dress and dry my hair in well under 15 minutes. My children however... it takes them ten minutes to put on shoes and socks in the morning. Mind you the shoes are lined up and most of the time the socks are nearby. My husband didn’t believe me until he had to get them out the door one morning. Since I shower just before shoving the boys onto the bus I guess I do have the odd habit of bellowing out “Shoes and Socks!” when I get out of the shower.

3) I remember at work when I horrified a co-worker by putting potato chips in my tuna fish sandwich. I wasn’t even aware of it until she pointed it out. I didn’t really care, I just like the crunch and added flavor since my chip of choice is salt and vinegar.

Overall I really don’t think I’m that odd. I’m just a bit nutty.

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