Thursday, January 11, 2007

Thursday Three: The Bold, The New And The Edgy!

It’s time to go to Terry to find out about what’s hot at the Thursday Three!
Upon the cutting edge!

As part of Possumblog’s insistence in 2007 of being NEW and BOLD and FRESH, we’re gonna take the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three (The World’s Most Exciting New, Bold, and Fresh Online Diversion!) to some new places today!

Specifically, Las Vegas, and Detroit, and Harrisburg!

Yep, today we’re going to ask you for your thoughts on the swanky 40th Annual Consumer Electronics Show, the super-sexy 100th North American International Auto Show, and the ultra-cool 91st Annual Pennsylvania Farm Show, the largest indoor agricultural show in the entire country!

As usual, the media buzz surrounding these events is deafening, and in order to stay out there where all the hip and savvy people are, we’d like to solicit your opinions about what all you’ve heard and seen there.

SO, take a moment and tell us:

1) What do you think is the most significant product introduced at the Consumer Electronic Show?

2) What is the biggest surprise of the Detroit Auto Show?

3) What one thing are you most excited about at the Farm Show?

After you’ve all had a chance to visit all the venues, leave your comments below or a link to your blog, and let’s find out what’s HOT this year!!

Right now the only hot thing I got going is my lunch. So I guess I’ll amble over and check out all the new hotness out there.

1) Nothing really grabs me at the CES. Everybody is going on about the iphone and the new mondo 108 inch LCD TV. The item that I thought was the most interesting was this gizmo under personal electronics that got a Best Innovation award. I couldn’t figure out what it was until I clicked on the tiny image and the company’s web site. It’s a hearing aid that has been all gussied up to look cool.

2) I like cars and I do enjoy driving them, but car shows are not my thing. My only observation about this year's show is the growing trend to make cars look like transformers. If they could make a car that was enjoyable to drive and could transform into a house cleaning robot or maybe a generator, then I could get excited.

3) I love farm shows. I think the two most exciting events are the celebrity milking contest (sadly there are no results or video, yet) and the end of the day culinary student cook-off utilizing Pennsylvania products.

I guess I’m not edgy or cool.

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