Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Three: Imaginary Places and Things!

It’s now time to enter the magical and mystical realm of the Thursday Three. Papa Possum wants to know what fills your dreams.


And such things, because this week’s Axis of Weevil Thursday Three (America’s Most Popular Thing!) is all about fantasy and flights of fancy and falderal such as that! Why? I have no idea, other than the fact that I can’t remember asking questions like this before.

So then, take a moment and take leave of your senses and ponder these three questions about all sorts of made-up things!

1) Of the fictional sorts of outlandish made-up places you’ve ever seen in the movies or read about, which one would you most like to live in, and why?

2) If you were a cartoon character, which cartoon character would you most like to be married to?

3) Which would you rather have right now--flying cars, or robot servants?

There now--start dreaming and either leave your answers in the comments below or a link to that magical fantasyland blog of yours.

Hmmm, imaginary places and things, I like this topic.

1) Ha! I’ve got just the book for this week’s question. Many, many moons ago I got The Dictionary of Imaginary Places. Finally it has a use other than just sitting up in the attic.

The place I would most like to live in is a bit of a toss-up.

I like Pern, because fire lizards and dragons are cool and I would definitely be a dragonrider. Narnia (post White Witch) gets a vote because I like the talking animals. Or I could settle down in The Shire (without ringwraiths), because it seems very bucolic and I like living in the country.

Yes, I know that three places, but it is so hard to choose just one, though they all seem to fit together in that they have castles and such. I like castles.

2) If I was a cartoon character who would I be married too? That’s a hard one because most of the adult male cartoon characters are clueless. However, there is one that is both smart and available and he is Dr. Benton Quest. He is a brilliant scientist that travels around the world with really cool gadgets, solving all sorts of scientific mysteries. Race Bannon is appealing in a hunky sort of way and is good with kids, but blonds are not my thing. Mr. Incredible would be another good choice, but he would never leave Elastigirl.

3) Robot servants would win hands down. Then I would have a clean house and I wouldn’t have to actually do anything. If I was married to Dr. Quest I would get both. He would build me robots and then we would jet off in the hover car that he already owns.

Ah well, now I have to get back to reality which unfortunately involves a messy house and a busted garage door. Maybe Mr. Incredible would be a better choice, because then we could open the garage door.

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