Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Artist of the Week: Disco

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Of the porcupine variety.

This week's artist is Rebecca, courtesy of a recommendation by Aunt Meryl.

Meryl had stopped by our house and amongst the numerous drawings that litter the floor and all available horizontal surfaces, one in particular stood out. Rebecca announced it was a drawing of a porcupine disco and I nearly died when I looked at it closely.

You should too.

The details are wonderful, it really and truly looks like a disco for porcupines.

Porcupine Disco
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar
There is a huge sparkling disco ball above the dance floor, two very happy porcupines boogieing down (with yellow tails, shades of Super Dog here) and boom box perched on a table. The best part is the that the boom box has an electrical cord plugged into the wall. The girl does not miss a trick.

The only things missing are snacks and beverages for the dancers.

I love this little bit of whimsy from my little girl.

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