Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Artist of the Week: Happy

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This week's artist is little Miss Rebecca. Of course you shouldn't call her little, because then she gets mad and when she is mad, oh boy.

Anyway she loves to draw pictures and the house is littered with her efforts. Mind you each one tells a story and she will happily tell you it if you ask her. The stories are unique to each picture and they remain the same even after multiple retellings.

This week's artistic offering was made last week and was presented to me as I was puttering about the kitchen.

Man and dog
Originally uploaded by Teckelcar

It is a picture of a man with his dog. The man has a present in one hand and the dog's leash in another. The present is for the dog and the cartoon bubble above the dog's head is the dog's thoughts. It's hoping to get a bone which will make it so happy.

All I can say is that this picture makes me happy too.

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