Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hippity hoppity

Yesterday we went to Target to buy birthday presents for a birthday party and give Nate an opportunity to spend his money. Nate was been a bit of a pain lately, continually begging us to take him to Walmart, Target... anywhere just to go shopping.

Anyway, while prowling the toy aisle, I found a little bit of my childhood up on a shelf.

Hopper Balls

My brother and I had them when we were little and I remembered how much fun they were. We would bounce around in the yard, race each other and once in while joust with them. I had seen them before in stores, but until this time they were only in the smaller sizes.

I snagged two small ones for Max and Rebecca and two big ones for Jake and Nate. When we got home I began to pump them up. At first I used our bicycle pump until I remembered the air pump up on the shelf. Hooray for air pumps! What would have taken over an hour was done in fifteen minutes. I tossed the balls out into the yard and this was what I got:

The hopper balls are a hit, the kids love doing races and crashing into each other.

Oh and Rebecca, she was delaying because she was eating a cheese wheel, silly girl.

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