Friday, July 20, 2007

Get ready

Get ready
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We are are all set to go get our book tonight.

I stopped by our local Barnes and Noble to pick up our wristband at noon. The line was already wrapped around the building. My original plan was that we would go to the 12:15 showing at movie theater across the street, but alas our movie was gone and the only other acceptable offering we had already seen.

So we got back into the car and joined the line.

A news truck was there, but we were too far back and missed going on the air. That's alright, the main thing was that we got our golden wristband #254 (golden for the pre-orders and blue for the great unwashed that have to wait for all the pre-orders before they get to buy a book). It took about an hour after which we did a little shopping.

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And what did we buy ?


At the local craft store I picked up some absurdly cheap decorative brooms and raffia. For 4 bucks a piece Jake, Nate, Max and Rebecca all got their own brooms.

Then two more stops and Nate had his costume for tonight.

Only half of us are going, Larry will stay home with the dynamic duo and I'll meet up Meryl with Jake and Nate in tow.

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