Sunday, March 20, 2005

Dog Shows, All Breed or Specialty?

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Poking about on A Dog’s Life I got pointed to ...Ooozing with Type. There I got pointed to an article from The Canine Chronicle about how some show breeders only go to specialty shows.

It is a fascinating article for someone who shows dogs. I have standard dachshunds and I attend both specialty shows (a dog show for just one breed) and all breed dog shows. On average I will go farther a field for a specialty and/or a particular judge. I have passed on a show (both all breed and specialties) when I know the judge favors miniatures or smaller standards. I am willing to go extreme distances for the National (an annual specialty show that is held under auspices of the National breed club).

Dog shows are intended for breeders to exhibit their breeding stock and have it evaluated against the written breed standard. If your dog wins it means the judge viewed it to be the dog that best represented the standard versus the competition at that show.

My puppy, John, I started at a specialty at a specialty show. I wanted a smaller venue so he would not get overwhelmed. By entering him in both regular classes and sweepstakes (a puppy only competition that is normally only held at a specialty show) John got lots of ring time. It was a positive experience for him. By the end of the day he was moving nicely in the ring as a relaxed and happy dog. I will be showing him in some all breed shows this summer. The shows are not far and have nice show sites.

It is a shame that some “biggies” no longer go to all breed shows. They are a wonderful way for the public to see different breeds of dogs and the breeders. It enables future puppy buyers to get a good look at nice representatives of different dog breeds.

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