Saturday, March 19, 2005

A Question I'm Not Ready For

This morning I had a conversation with my oldest son that I am not ready for. Jake is a very observant and inquisitive eight year old. I like to give him reasonably accurate answers to his questions.

“Mom have you ever taken Viagra?”

“Nooo.” I replied while eating my breakfast.
(Ack!!! Where did this come from!!!)


“It’s for men.”
(Please no more questions!!!)

“Has Dad ever taken it?”

“No, he doesn’t need it.”
(Please, please go away!)

“What is it for? Other than it’s for men.”

(No!!!! Not that question!)

“I mean what does it do? Help you if you are sick like a cold or if you are hurt?”


“Ummm, it helps blood flow.”
(That’s reasonable, right???)

“Ok, thanks Mom!”

(Thank you, thank you. I’ll just curl up into a ball now.)

After he left I flipped over the news magazine I was reading. Well look here, an ad for Viagra. Thank you Madison Avenue!

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