Wednesday, March 30, 2005


On Sunday I got to wear my sparkly pink hat again. Crunch’s romantic interlude was over and it was time for him to go home.

Andy, Kandee and I agreed to meet on Sunday for the transfer. They were heading home from NY and could transport the old boy. I would meet them in MD in the parking lot of their building. Since it I would be meeting them late (after 6 pm, which means I would get back home after 9 pm) I decided not to bring any of the kids. Instead I would bring along John. They would get to see how John was developing and the two boys could get reacquainted on neutral territory.

John was very happy to see his breeder’s family. He peed all over Kandee’s shoes (sorry about that) and just missed getting Andy’s shoes as well. Silly puppy!

When Crunch emerged from their car you could almost see him go from “Hi Mom!” to “Oh man, you brought the goofball.”

John, on the other hand, was ecstatic upon seeing his father. He kept trying to bounce Crunch. He missed his wrestling partner. Playing with Rally was not the same. All it involved was a lot of barking and play bowing, no racing about the house.

Crunch was not too happy about the bouncing. Not aggressive, just a stiffness about him. As long as I could keep John from mugging him all would be well.

So after a quick walk I loaded the two red boys into the van. Crunch was more than ready to go home. John was a little trickier. He was a big ol’ wiggle pup.

Three hours later we were home. The full pack was reunited. Rally gave Crunch a though sniff and deemed him to be the same old big red oaf. John and Crunch then went back to their old routine of noisy Greco-Dachshund wrestling under my feet.

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