Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sweet Moment

One day last week it was raining when it was time to go to the bus stop. As a result the troops were loaded into the van and we drove to the bus stop. I feel silly when we do this, it is a very short walk, but it is no fun standing in the rain with four kids. When we got back home I pulled into the garage and left the garage door up.

Rebecca bounced out of the car and ran towards the rain. She stepped outside into the now gentle shower. She then lifted up her shirt to expose her tummy to the rain. After a moment she ran back into the garage with a giggle. She then ran back out again with her tummy bared. Turning around to face me she said “My tummy is in the rain! My tummy get all wet!” She then stepped back into the garage patting her head “Rain on my head!”

Max and Rebecca then together briefly stepped out into the rain exposing their tummies.

Three year olds can be so much fun.

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