Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Getting Dressed

Getting the troops dressed in the morning is not too much of a challenge. My older children are willing to even put on outfits that I have laid out for them. The tricky part is getting them to actually put on the clothes. The threat of going to school in their jammies usually works. When they dress themselves they will even consult with me in the long sleeve vs. short sleeve and the pants vs. shorts issues. Nate will occasionally come up with some odd combinations, but generally they work.

Max and Rebecca are a little trickier. Some days Rebecca will be very opinionated other days she really doesn’t care. She has two favorite outfits that she wants to wear as often as possible. Luckily she is willing to admit that the end of the day that is it. She usually does not go digging about in the hamper. Her two favorites are her ballerina outfit and her winter party dress. In this photo she reminds me of the figure by Degas.

The little ballerina Posted by Hello
After this photo was taken I have been able to convince her that a white turtle neck and tights complete her outfit. The first time she hauled out her winter party dress I hesitated. Then I realized, where else was going to wear it? We might as well get our money’s worth. The dress is now in regular rotation.

Max has his favorites as well. He has two favorite shirts, one being a striped turtleneck. I think I’m going to have to hide it when the warmer weather is here to stay. He also loves his spiderman outfits. He has never seen the movie, but he loves spiderman. Max’s most distinctive style is his hat. Right now he has two favorite hats (what is it with this kid and the number two? Is it because he is a twin?) And he likes to wear them at the same time. Every time we get in the car he puts on his hats. First on is the baseball hat with a dolphin on it. Then perched jauntily on top is a blue bucket hat with a green fish pattern. When we arrive at our destination I tell him he can wear one hat, not two (the top hat keeps falling off and I get tired of telling him to pick it up.) He then removes the upper hat and we go our merry way. Once he gets back in the car he puts the upper hat back on.

One of these days I’ve got to take a picture of his multi-hatted splendor.

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