Monday, March 07, 2005


Rebecca has been pony mad for quite some time.
For Halloween she was a “Pony Princess”

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She spied her costume at Walmart, clutched it to her heart and said “Pony!”
It actually isn’t a pony, but a winged unicorn. To Rebecca, however, it is a pony.

Today, while going to the supermarket, we saw a couple of horses grazing in a field.
“Rebecca, do you like ponies?” I asked.
“Yes! Ponies!” she answered enthusiastically.
“Do you want to ride a pony?”
“Yes! Ride pony! Get Pony”
“Honey, we don’t have room for a pony.”
Rebecca paused and said quietly “Other people can.”
“Other people can have a pony and you want one too?”
“Yes! Pony! Yes!”
“Where will you keep the pony, in your room?”
“Yes! My room! Big pony!”
“Will the pony sleep in your bed?” Images from Thelwell’s books filled my mind.
“Yes!” followed by a giggle. Even she could she the absurdity.
Max, not wanting to be left out raised the ante.
“I want a big horse.” slight pause, “In my room.”
“What color do you want your pony to be?”
Both chimed in “White!”
Then I heard Rebecca say softly “baby pony, baby pony.”
“Rebecca do you want a baby pony?”
No answer.
“Do you want a baby pony and a big pony?”
“Yes! Baby pony! Big pony!”
Max then added “Baby horse. No, big horse. Just big horse”

So it looks like Max and Rebecca would like a baby pony, a big pony and a big horse; all of them white and sleeping in Max and Rebecca’s beds. I think I have to dig up my copy of Thelwell’s “A Leg at Each Corner.”

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