Thursday, March 24, 2005

Springtime for the Thursday Three

Rebecca picking flowers Posted by Hello

It's that time of the week again over at Possumblog and Terry writes:

A little-known fact is that the Axis of Weevil Thursday Three can be balanced on end during the vernal equinox!A better-known fact is that it is exceedingly difficult to come up with three questions every week! BUT, since we have launched out on a Springy theme, answer me these questions (even if you’re on the underside of the globe and are headed toward autumn)-

1) What is the one thing that you love MOST about Spring?
2) ASIDE FROM POLLEN AND TORNADOES, what is the one thing that you love LEAST about Spring?
3) Name your single most favorite song, movie, play, book, painting, sculpture, etc., etc., with “spring” as part of the title.

And here is my response.

1) I love the longer days and the softness to the air. I love the smell of freshly turned earth after the rain mixed in with the smell of growing things. To me it really smells green and fresh and lovely. I agree with Terry that Dogwoods are wonderful, but I also love the Red Bud. Here is a neat site that has all sorts of spring flowers.

2) My mother’s road turns into a sea of mud. I remember my friend losing her shoe in the muck (we never did find it again). It was so bad that every spring we had to park the car half way down the road and walk the rest of the way. Bugs, stupid birds trying to make nests in the oddest places and bugs again are high on my list of dislikes. Oh and pollen, yeah I know it’s already covered, but I hate that horrible yellow film all over everything and it makes me ill.

3) I’m rather fond of the Producer’s fake play and song “Springtime for Hitler” and of course Vivaldi’s the Four Seasons, Spring. Morning Spring by Maxfield Parrish is a nice enough picture. This one also by Parrish titled simply Spring is not so nice. One of my favorite amphibians is the spring peeper. They are the cutest little frogs and their night time trill tells you that spring is here. I also like springboks, they are a lovely little antelope.

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