Thursday, March 03, 2005

Thursday Three of Unease

Here are my answers to the Thursday Three over at Possumblog.

The theme was unease of the nauseating kind. On a whole I do not get nauseated. Well except for when I was pregnant with the twins. That hormonal rollercoaster made even plain spaghetti sauce smell bad. But that only lasted a few weeks. Normally I have the digestive system of a goat.

1.) What three commonly served food items cause you to become nauseated when you smell them?

I love Kim Chee, but unless you are in area with a lot of Koreans it is not that common. Its stench is enough to make anyone ill. One of my former co-workers served me some once, she warned me about the foul odor. Her mother’s stuff was so potent that they had a separate fridge just for Kim Chee. The more common items I find nauseating are tripe, a stinky cheese spread called Liptauer (hubby loves the stuff, I will not touch it) and brussel sprouts.

2.) What three non-cable, non-satellite television shows can you just not stand to watch? (If they make you nauseated, even better.)

Pretty much all of the political talking head shows. I do not get nauseated, just stupefied. I do not like boxing. I do not like seeing two men pummel each other. And in the same vein I do not like pro-wrestling. The over the top theatrics are just too much.

3.) What three things are you immune to that seem to make other people ill?

Like Terry and a lot of other parents, child effluvia. I remember a day when I got to personally experience them all. I thought I was going to get out of vomit, but one child obliged just before bedtime. After I cleaned up I actually laughed. I figured it couldn’t get much worse. Having dogs all my life I can also add dog effluvia and some of the vile things dogs do. I shall not elaborate here, it’s too disgusting. I can also discuss all of the above in great detail while eating dinner. I guess this is the result of majoring in Biology, working in research labs, growing up next to a farm and having four kids.

Oh and my whole family loves scrapple.

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