Thursday, March 10, 2005

Thursday Three Ahoy!

Nate and Jake on the USCGC Eagle Posted by Hello

In honor of the term "the vast ocean of Possumblog readers" I propose a nautical (but not necessarily naughty gal) themed Thursday Three.
1.) Have you traveled anywhere by boat (across a pond or around the ocean)?
2.) Have you ever owned a boat?
3.) If you were to take a boat trip and had unlimited funds and no motion sickness, where would you go, who would you take and what kind of boat would you go on?
Bonus question: What food stuffs would you want if you were marooned.Sarah G.

Hey! That's me! I guess I have to answer those puppies.

1) Why yes I have traveled by boat. I have cruised on my Uncle’s sailboat along the coast of Maine. Endless ferries across Long Island Sound. Twice across the English Channel, one way in an enormous ferry boat and back again on a hovercraft. I’ve been on a ferry boat and if memory serves a hydrofoil from Naples to the Isle of Capri and back. Believe it or not it was part of a high school trip to Italy organized by my Latin teacher (Much better than the lame-o trips to Canada by the French Department.) I have messed about on inflatable boats, canoes, rowboats, sailboats, a Boston Whaler (the second link is a hoot) and two tall ships. O.K. the tall ships didn’t go anywhere, but they were still fun to be on.

2) We currently have a large inflatable boat and a canoe that lives under our house. We even have paddles and life jackets!

3) I would love to go Island hopping with my husband on a sailboat with gourmet meals prepared by somebody else.

Bonus question: Terry has a point about MREs but I would like a fresh water supply; salt (either mineral outcrop or a climate suited to making it out of seawater); banana, coconut and orange trees; and chickens. Boring but doable.

Addendum to the Thursday Three

I almost forgot about my more unique boating experiences.
The Swan Boats located in the Boston Public Garden and the Wisconsin Ducks.

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