Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Morning Madness

This morning Larry needed to leave somewhat early to catch a plane to Louisville, KY.

This should not be a problem. I would just go about on my regular school day morning schedule.

First thing in the morning I take care of the dogs. When I got downstairs I noticed Jake was already up. Good, I prodded him to finish his homework. Once the dogs were done I went back upstairs to take care of Max and Rebecca. They were cheerfully playing in their room. After I dressed them I sent them downstairs to say good bye to their father. Then I went to Jake and Nate’s room to wake up Nate. I knew he would be very upset if he missed seeing his father. Larry had not yet left for the airport and he would not be back until Saturday.

I followed Nate downstairs to get Max settled down for his nebulization treatment. I reminded Jake to do his homework. He finally got up to finish his sentences. Now I get to shower and dress.

When I came down for the third time (this by the way is my exercise program, endless stairs) I was ready to do Max’s chest PTs. Jake was finished with his homework and both he and Nate were dressed. We were ahead of schedule by 30 minutes.

This is great! I had planned to drive the boys to school so we could drop off Nate’s Leprechaun trap. I would then peruse the book fair at the school. Lastly I would take Max and Rebecca to the library for story time.

But wait!

Jake cheerfully asked me “...since Dad had to go, was I going to drive him to his “Science in the Mornings” at school?” He needed to be dropped off an hour before school officially starts.

“Nooooo, you don’t have that today.” I replied.

“Oh yes we do. The teachers said there was a mistake in the schedule and we do have it today. Today we are going to do balloon rockets and I do not want to miss that.”


I watched my 30 minute cushion evaporate.

I rushed Max’s PT and got breakfast served. Jake and Nate were helpful and toasted their own waffle/english muffin. For once nobody dawdled and I didn’t have to keep telling people to eat their breakfast. I was also happy to note that today’s school lunch was one that both boys liked.

I loaded up the backpacks with various miscellany and snacks. Everybody was herded into the van. They all had on their socks, shoes and jackets! Backpacks and the trap were placed inside the van and we were off to school.

We got Jake to school just in time. Nate’s trap was dropped off in a dark, but luckily, open classroom. It was too early for Nate to be left at school and the book fair was not open yet. So Nate, Max, Rebecca and I went back to the van to hopefully return home in time for the bus.

Hooray! We had a substitute bus driver and she was late!

After Nate boarded the bus the rest of us headed home. Once inside I settled down for some breakfast with Max sitting next to me looking at books. I then noticed Jake’s notebook was on the table.


Well I was going to go back to the school for the book fair. I finished my breakfast, loaded up the van, again, to go back to the school, again.

We signed in, dropped off the notebook and got several books at the book fair. Max and Rebecca wanted a lot of books, but I was able to keep it down to one apiece and no tantrums. I did this with the promise of getting lots books about ponies for Rebecca and dinosaur books for Max at the library.

Then it was off to the library and story time. Today’s theme was cookies! Max and Rebecca scored three cookies each. We get all sorts of treats at the library. I don’t remember getting all this food at the library when I was a kid! We checked out our various books about ponies and dinosaurs (sadly none combine to two) and staggered home to lunch.

I’m beat. I want to take a nap.

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