Friday, March 25, 2005

It's Purim!

Today is Purim, which means ...cookies!
Well, not really, here are some good sites about Purim.

Anyway, I get to bake cookies today! Hooray! I love making Hamantaschen. Mine are a combination of two recipes. The dough is from “The International Kosher Cookbook” (a well written cookbook) and the filling is from “BETH ELegant Cooking” Temple Beth El Sisterhood Madison, WI. The dough has a hint of almond that marries well with the chocolate filling. I don’t make the traditional poppy seed filling. I am not very fond of it and lets face it, chocolate is much tastier.

When I got the mixing bowl out Rebecca got very excited.
“Cake? You make cake?”
“No sweetie, I’m making cookies!”
“Oh alright.” She hangs her head and shuffles away.
Apparently Miss Rebecca wants cake, not cookies.

Max then pops up.
“Cookies? We make cookies?”
(Notice how Rebecca wants me to make a cake, but Max wants to help make cookies. I’m telling ya she really has got this princess thing down)
“Yes, after the dough chills we will make the cookies.” Glancing up I note the time. “That will be after lunch.”
“Lunch?! Time for lunch?” He asks hopefully.
“Not yet, it is just 10:00 am, it’s too early for lunch.”
With a sigh Max bounces off.

At least somebody other than me wants to make cookies.

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