Monday, March 28, 2005

Weekend Guests!

This weekend my in-laws came to visit. I truly enjoy having them over. The kids adore Grandma and Grandpa and are always very excited when they come to visit. The only tricky part is the dogs. Due to allergies and asthma it is better to have the dogs kenneled when my in-laws come to stay.

This time it was not possible to have the dogs kenneled. Grandma and Grandpa made their arrangements a little less than a month ago. It wasn’t until last Wednesday that I finally got around to making a kennel reservation for the dogs. Normally this would not be a problem. However, it was Easter weekend and the start of the county’s school spring break. This information did not occur to me until Wednesday morning as I was about to call the kennel. Oops. When I called I told them I had an absurd request. After a long wait while they checked their book I was told that the kennel was booked solid. They were genuinely sorry that they could not help me. My dogs are popular at the kennel. They are both entertaining and affectionate. Even if I had remembered earlier it would not have mattered. I needed to have made my reservation at least a month before hand.

In the end it worked out. Crunch didn’t come back from his romantic getaway until after my in-laws left. We only had to deal with two dogs. John and Rally had a bit more crate time than normal, which is just fine as far as Rally is concerned. She likes to just hang out in her crate. As you can see below Max and Rebecca like to be crated as well.

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Max only looks sad because I wouldn’t give him a dog biscuit for going into the crate. On the upside Grandma got to meet John for the first time.

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