Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Making Friends

Digging is fun! Posted by Hello

John has a new friend. The sprinkler guy came to start up our system yesterday and John was quite taken with him.

I had let John outside and a short while later the sprinkler guy showed up. I then served Nate (at home sick and not at school), Max and Rebecca lunch. The table they were sitting at has a nice view of the backyard. While I was puttering about I overheard the kids talking about John and the man in our backyard.

Ooops! I need to round John up and bring him in. He is a very friendly puppy, but he jumps up and can be a nuisance, especially if you don’t care for dogs.

When I looked out I could see John happily sitting next to his new friend. He seemed to be impressed with the rather large hole his friend had just dug. I went out to bring John inside. While chatting with the sprinkler guy I found out he was enjoying John’s company. Apparently John had gone around with him and inspected all the sprinkler heads. Then John seemed to watch in awe as the sprinkler guy dug a hole to fix a pipe.

Twice I pulled John inside. After my first try he shot back out again when Rebecca opened the door. He wanted to be where the action is. The second time I crated John after I brought him inside.

Later, when I let John out he seemed a bit disappointed his new friend and the hole where gone.

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